Livrable CONCERT-ENGAGE D9.83 - Preliminary report on cases studies.


Report EJP-CONCERT-ENGAGE, European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research – 2019.

CEPN-R-318, Mars 2019.


The ENGAGE project, funded under the H2020 CONCERT, aims at ENhancinG stAkeholder participation in the GovernancE of radiological risks. This two-year project started on November 20th 2017, seeks to identify and address key challenges and opportunities for stakeholder engagement in relation to medical use of ionising radiation; post-accident exposures; and exposure to indoor radon. In all these situations, stakeholder engagement is a key issue for improving the governance of radiological risks and the radiological protection of the exposed individuals.

Within this project a specific Work Package (WP3) is dedicated to analyse the processes and tools to disseminate radiological protection culture. The objectives of this WP are the following:

  1. to investigate the role and the potential benefit of building and enhancing radiological protection culture for supporting effective stakeholder engagement and informed decision-making in relation to radiological protection at the individual and collective level;
  2. to identify processes to build and transmit radiological protection culture, adapted to the specificities of different exposure situations; and
  3. to elaborate guidelines/recommendations for building radiological protection culture in view of supporting stakeholder engagement in the governance of radiological risk.

These objectives are studied in each of the three fields of exposure situations investigated in the ENGAGE Project: medical use of ionising radiations, exposure to indoor radon, emergency preparedness and response.

The work of WP3 is based on case studies performed in these three fields. In each field, ENGAGE partners have identified some processes aiming at disseminating radiological protection culture that could be studied to answer the question raised in the WP: role and benefits of enhancing radiation protection culture; elements contributing to the building of radiation protection culture; lessons learned from the stakeholder engagement processes implemented in the studied exposure situations.

This preliminary report content the full case studies as well a synthesis of the findings in each exposure situation, regarding the main topics addressed in the analysis grid:

  • Target stakeholders / aim of RP culture
  • Characterisation of RP culture
  • Tools, methods and processes to build RP culture
  • Evaluation of RP culture

The case studies and synthesis have been discussed during a workshop held in Athens from 13 to 15 February, 2019. These discussions have provided elements to further elaborate the synthesis and lessons learned. These will be included in the final WP3 report (D9.87) to be issued in June 2019.


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