Axe 1 : Contribute to the reflections and methods of radiological risk assessment and management

The CEPN plans on intensifying its contributions to the national and international reflections in order to improve the understanding of the foundations, objectives and rationality of the radiological protection system. These contributions will mostly regard:
  • the ethical and social values of the radiation protection system
  • the concept of risk tolerability: its meaning and connection with the various exposure situations to radiation

Furthermore, the CEPN will keep on its scientific watch of the knowledge evolution of the health effects of ionizing radiations in order to evaluate potential impact on the radiological protection system.

Studies and Research Program

  • Assessment of radiological risk and estimation of the radiation detriment
  • Continue reflection on the ethical dimension of the radiological protection system
  • Initiation of a reflection on tolerability of risk
  • Reflections on the management of existing exposure situations