Axe 1 : Contribute to the reflections and methods of radiological risk assessment and management

The CEPN plans on intensifying its contributions to the national and international reflections in order to improve the understanding of the foundations, objectives and rationality of the radiological protection system. These contributions will mostly regard:
  • the ethical and social values of the radiation protection system
  • the concept of risk tolerability: its meaning and connection with the various exposure situations to radiation

Furthermore, the CEPN will keep on its scientific watch of the knowledge evolution of the health effects of ionizing radiations in order to evaluate potential impact on the radiological protection system.

Studies and Research Program

  • Assessment of radiological risk and estimation of the radiation detriment
  • Continue reflection on the ethical dimension of the radiological protection system
  • Initiation of a reflection on tolerability of risk
  • Reflections on the management of existing exposure situations

Axe 2 : Contribute to the process of optimisation of radiological protection in nuclear facilities

In the context of realisation of major maintenance projects in nuclear facilities, the CEPN will support the implementation and follow-up of actions undertaken for the control of individual and collective exposures.

The CEPN will also contribute to the analysis and sharing of the feedback experience of radiological protection in the dismantling of nuclear facilities, both on national and international levels.

Furthermore, the CEPN will support the process of optimization of radiological protection for the workers and the public in the context of radioactive waste disposal facilities.

Studies and Research Program

  • Support the implementation of optimisation of radiation protection for major maintenance projects
  • Support the implementation of specific actions for the most exposed categories of workers
  • International sharing of experience on occupational radiation protection in nuclear facilities in operation or dismantling
  • International sharing of experience on effluent management in nuclear facilities and environmental monitoring
  • Evaluation of management options for dismantling waste from nuclear facilities

Axe 3 : Develop radiological protection management approaches for existing exposure situations

In the context of transposition of European Basic Safety Standards taking greater account of the existing exposure situations, the CEPN will continue the reflexions on optimisation of radiation protection for these situations in two domains:

  • Radon exposure management
  • Contaminated sites

In the field of radon exposure, the CEPN will:

  • Develop guiding methods to favour the skill development of building professionals and the involvement of local communities for the management of radon in dwellings
  • Initiate a reflexion on the implementation of the optimisation principle in the case of radon exposure in workplaces

The CEPN will contribute to the ICRP developments on management of exposures from contaminated sites and will support French and International experiences to collect lessons learned.

Program of actions

  • Support awareness and skill development actions for the management of radon exposure situations
  • Develop methods and tools for implementing optimisation of radiation protection in case of radon exposure
  • Feed-back experience analysis on the management of contaminated sites
  • Support of management and monitoring programmes of contaminated sites

Axe 4 : Contribute to improve the management of post-accident situations

The CEPN will rely on the analysis of the consequences management of the Fukushima accident, notably through theirs participation to the dialogue initiative of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) regarding the rehabilitation of living conditions after the accident, in order to improve its work on the protection modalities for populations living in long-term contaminated territories.

The CEPN will continue its reflexions on post-accident management in cooperation with the Executive Committee on post-accident management of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (CODIR-PA), and Pays de Montbéliard Agglomeration (PMA).

In the framework of the European Platform NERIS, the CEPN will continue its activities at both national and international levels, regarding the long-term improvement of the radiological quality of foodstuffs and consumer goods in case of a long-lasting contamination of the environment. It will also initiate studies on the procedures for the health monitoring of populations in post-accident situations.

Studies and Research Program

  • Continue studies on preparedness of local stakeholders to the management of post-accident situations
  • Analysis of accompaniment of populations living in contaminated territories following the Fukushima accident
  • Reflexions on the role of health surveillance after a nuclear accident
  • Reflexions on the management of consumer goods in post-accident situations