Axe 3 : Develop radiological protection management approaches for existing exposure situations

In the context of transposition of European Basic Safety Standards taking greater account of the existing exposure situations, the CEPN will continue the reflexions on optimisation of radiation protection for these situations in two domains:

  • Radon exposure management
  • Contaminated sites

In the field of radon exposure, the CEPN will:

  • Develop guiding methods to favour the skill development of building professionals and the involvement of local communities for the management of radon in dwellings
  • Initiate a reflexion on the implementation of the optimisation principle in the case of radon exposure in workplaces

The CEPN will contribute to the ICRP developments on management of exposures from contaminated sites and will support French and International experiences to collect lessons learned.

Program of actions

  • Support awareness and skill development actions for the management of radon exposure situations
  • Develop methods and tools for implementing optimisation of radiation protection in case of radon exposure
  • Feed-back experience analysis on the management of contaminated sites
  • Support of management and monitoring programmes of contaminated sites