Axe 2 : Contribute to the process of optimisation of radiological protection in nuclear facilities

In the context of realisation of major maintenance projects in nuclear facilities, the CEPN will support the implementation and follow-up of actions undertaken for the control of individual and collective exposures.

The CEPN will also contribute to the analysis and sharing of the feedback experience of radiological protection in the dismantling of nuclear facilities, both on national and international levels.

Furthermore, the CEPN will support the process of optimization of radiological protection for the workers and the public in the context of radioactive waste disposal facilities.

Studies and Research Program

  • Support the implementation of optimisation of radiation protection for major maintenance projects
  • Support the implementation of specific actions for the most exposed categories of workers
  • International sharing of experience on occupational radiation protection in nuclear facilities in operation or dismantling
  • International sharing of experience on effluent management in nuclear facilities and environmental monitoring
  • Evaluation of management options for dismantling waste from nuclear facilities