The evolution of the reference monetary value of the man.sievert at Électricité de France

S. Andresz , T. Jobert, C. Schieber

Revue Radioprotection 2022


The reference monetary value of the man.sievert is a pragmatic decision-aiding technique to “take into account economic and societal factors” associated with the optimisation principle and to help decide whether a protection option is “reasonable” or not. EDF has adopted a system of reference monetary values in 1992, updated it in 2002, and was considering a new update. In 2019 and 2020, a designated EDF- CEPN working group investigated the elements (through survey, literature and feedback analysis) that might support a change and in which direction. A simplified system, based on one single reference monetary value of the man.sievert, has been proposed. The value takes into account the most recent recommendations from ICRP and French State administration and uses the state-of-the-art methodology in calculating the Value of Statistical Life and has been adjusted with an aversion risk factor considering the EDF radiation protection policy. The new reference value is 4,500 €/man.mSv. An upper value of 7,000 €/man.mSv can be used if the project presents radiation protection benefits (positive externalities) in addition to a reduction in collective dose. The Radiation Protection Manager makes the decision on which value should be selected, and the Radiation Protection Service, in collaboration with the other services, integrates the value in the optimization analysis, bearing in mind that the output will guide the decision (and not determine it) bringing also objectivity and transparency.

Radioprotection, 14 September 2022

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