The Updating of ICRP Publication 111 in Light of the Fukushima Experience Feedback


Oral Presentation at the 15th International Congress of Radiation Research, Kyoto, Japan, 28 May 2015



ICRP approved in September 2013 the creation of a Task Group of its Committee 4 to update ICRP Publication 109 on the protection of people in emergency exposure situations and Publication 111 on the protection of people living in long term contaminated areas after a nuclear accident or a radiation emergency, in the light of the lessons from Fukushima and recent international developments.

So far the Task Group focused its reflection on several issues revealed by the Fukushima accident in relation with the justification for and optimization of emergency decisions, the characterization of the radiological situation, the protection of emergency and recovery responders, the management of contaminated foodstuffs and commodities the decontamination and waste management strategies and the co-expertise process to develop radiation protection culture among the affected population.

To develop its work, the Task Group relies among others on the outcome of the series of dialogue meetings initiated by ICRP since fall 2011 in the Fukushima Prefecture with various stakeholders to find ways to respond to the challenges of the long term rehabilitation of living conditions in the areas affected by the nuclear power plant accident.

The presentation gives an overview on the main lessons of the experience feedback from the recovery phase 5 years after the accident, as well as on the status of the update of ICRP Publication 111.

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