Application of the Commission’s Recommendations: The 2013-2017 Committee 4 Programme of Work


Annals of the ICRP, 44 (S1), 33-46, 2015


Committee 4 of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) is responsible for developing principles, recommendations, and guidance on the protection of people against radiation exposure, and to consider their practical application in all exposure situations. Currently, the Committee’s efforts are focused on the completion of a series of future ICRP publications on the implementation of its 2007 Recommendations to the various existing exposure situations. A report on protection against radon exposure was published recently (ICRP Publication 126), and two documents on protection against cosmic radiation in aviation, and naturally occurring radioactive material are under development. The programme of work for the forthcoming 2013–2017 period comprises the update of ICRP Publication 109 on protection of people in emergency exposure situations, and the update of ICRP Publication 111 on protection of people living in long-term contaminated areas after a nuclear accident, as well as the development of a future ICRP publication on the ethics of radiological protection. It also includes the preparation of task groups on the application of the Commission’s recommendations for contaminated sites from past activities and for surface and near-surface disposal of radioactive waste. Another important task for Committee 4 will be to develop a reflection on the tolerability of risk from radiation.