Optimization of Radiation Protection - ALARA: a practical guidebook.


Octobre 2019


This practical guidebook on optimization of radiation protection has been written by the Working Group on ALARA Culture of the European ALARA Network.

The objective of this Guidebook is to provide a comprehensive overview of the ALARA process, and to describe the main actors and their responsibilities.

The aim is also to illustrate the implementation of the ALARA process with practical examples of the optimization of protection of workers and the public in various exposure situations, for example patient protection in medical exposure situations as well as for emergency and post-accident situations. Most of these examples come from the experiences of EAN Members as well as from EAN Workshop presentations over more than 20 years.

To help understand the role of ALARA in the radiation protection system, the basic concepts of radiation protection, their origins and the role of the various organizations contributing to its elaboration are also described in the Appendices.

This Guidebook is dedicated to all stakeholders involved in radiation protection who wish to improve their understanding of ALARA from theoretical but also practical points of view: competent authorities, licensees, manufacturers, suppliers and designers, radiation protection professionals, professional associations, exposed workers or members of the public.


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