Developing Research on Radiation Protection Culture


International Conference RICOMET 2017, AIEA, Vienna, Austria – 27-29 June 2017


Within the framework of CONCERT - European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research -, a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) in the field of social sciences and humanities is under development, including specific topics regarding radiation protection culture which have been elaborated within a dedicated task group. The following elements are summarizing the SRA on RP culture elaborated by this task group.

RP culture is a concept of a composite nature comprising knowledge, skills, experience, and practices related to radiation protection, as well as perceptions, values, attitudes, expectations related to radiation risk. The building of radiation protection culture relies on a dynamic process based on multi-stakeholders interactions.

RP culture aims at:

  • favouring the understanding of radiation protection norms and standards;
  • enabling individuals, where relevant, to reflect on their own protection and/or that of other individuals, to consider consciously radiation protection aspects in their activities or decisions, to make their own decision with regard to their own protection against ionising radiations and to participate to the decision making process related to the management of exposure situations;
  • enabling professionals in RP field and other stakeholders to dialogue, to share a common language, in a view to enhance the efficiency of the decision-making processes associated with the implementation of the radiation protection system and to answer the concerns of all concerned stakeholders.

The following research areas have been identified:

  • Characterization of RP culture and identification of the specificities according to the exposure situations and the stakeholders involved;
  • Development of methodologies and tools to evaluate the level of RP culture in a quantitative or qualitative way;
  • Highlighting the role and benefits of RP culture in various exposure situations, building notably on the feed-back experience analysis from different situations;
  • Development of tools, methods, processes to build, maintain and transmit RP culture.


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