The role of radiological protection experts in stakeholder involvement in the recovery phase of post-nuclear accident situations: Some lessons from the Fukushima-Daïchi NPP accident.

Thierry Schneider,, Mélanie Maître, Jacques Lochard, Sylvie Charron, Jean-François Lecomte, Ryoko Ando, Yumiko Kanai, Momo Kurihara, Yujiro Kuroda, Makoto Miyazaki, Wataru Naito, Makiko Orita, Noboru Takamura, Koichi Tanigawa, Masaharu Tsubokura and Tetsuo Yasutaka

Radioprotection, Vol. 54, n° 4, (octobre-décembre 2019), 259-271.


Feedback experiences from Fukushima and Chernobyl situations have clearly shown the importance of involving local stakeholders living in contaminated territories for the rehabilitation of their daily life. In this context, this paper aims to better address the role of radiological protection experts in the recovery phase of post-nuclear accident situation, in mainly relying on the analysis of local initiatives implemented in the Fukushima Prefecture following March 2011. In the first part, this paper highlights the various challenges faced by the population living in contaminated territories, i.e., rehabilitation of the living conditions, ensuring a long-term radiological monitoring, developing public health programs. In a second part, this paper discusses to which extent radiological protection experts can help local population to address these challenges, particularly through the implementation of co-expertise processes and the associated ethical issues and values they should embody. The last part of this paper particularly focuses on two current challenges at stake in the Fukushima Prefecture: the dissemination of the co-expertise process to all affected communities, as well as the sustainability of these approaches over time.


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