Axe 2 : Management and optimisation of radiological protection in nuclear facilities

In the context of the new radiological protection regulations, the CEPN will initiate methodological development for the practical implementation of an integrated approach of occupational risk management.
It will continue supporting the implementation of optimization of radiological protection during the design and operation / maintenance stages of nuclear facilities and radioactive waste storage facilities.
In particular, it will support the implementation and follow-up of actions undertaken to strengthen the operational management of projects with high radiological challenges and will contribute to the development of actions to strengthen the operational control of radiological cleanliness.

The CEPN will contribute to analysing and sharing of experience in the field of decommissioning of nuclear installations, at national and international level, and will participate in the discussions initiated within the framework of European research projects. It will also reflect on the issues of radiological protection and the societal aspects associated with the management of radioactive materials and waste. For these reflections, the CEPN will notably rely on the ISOE and EAN networks to draw lessons from international feedback experiences.

Work programme