Axe 3 : Develop innovative approaches for managing existing exposure situations

The new regulatory provisions for the management of existing exposure situations call for further developing reflections related to the management of exposure to radon and naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM). Thus, in addition to supporting territorial actions to favour the integration of radon risk management in the framework of indoor air quality improvement in dwelling, CEPN will get involved in the development of innovative approaches to radon risk management in the workplace.

Given the recent work of the International Commission on Radiological Protection and new obligations for industries using NORMs, a methodological reflection will be undertaken to support the implementation of a graded approach, in connection with the work of the European ALARA network.

Special attention will also be given to the reflections on the role, the development and the dissemination of the radiological protection culture for the public and workers. In addition, the CEPN will continue its reflections on the management of contaminated sites based on feedback experience and will contribute to the work in this field of the International Commission on Radiological Protection and the Nuclear Energy Agency.

Work programme